Product Type:Carbon Fiber Inline Speed Skates /Carbon Fiber Inline Racing Skates


Color: Black & Silvery & Custom Color

Adjustment Mode:No Adjustment

Closure System:Micro Adjustable Buckle+Waxed Lace+Lace Cover

Boot/Shell:Carbon Fiber & Glass Fiber

Liner:Super Fiber Liner

Frame:6000 Series Aluminum CNC frames

Wheel: 85A PU

Wheel Configuration: 4*90mm / 4*100mm / 4*110mm

Bearing:Stanley ABEC-9 / Twincam ILQ-7

Brake:No Brake



You can customize the color of inline skates.

the color of Customization Inline speed Skates, Carbon fiber Inline Skates Manufacturer, speed inline skates supplier

OEM carbon inline speed skates,the color of Customization speed inline skates supplier


You can customize the inline skates frames you want.



You can customize the size, color and material of the wheel.



 You can customize the bearings you want.

the bearings of Hardboot Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids,Inline Skates Manufacturer


Accessories included with inline saktes in box. You can choose to add or reduce accessories.

the accessories of Hardboot Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids


1 Pair/Color Box.

5 Paris/Carton.

the package of Hardboot Adjustable Inline Skates,Inline Skates Manufacturer supplies